Confit Salmon Breakfast



2 kg salmon (or trout), scaled and left whole, skin and bones removed



fresh herbs, such as bay leaves, thyme and oregano 

lemon slices

Cobram Estate EVOO


6 Eggs

Lemon zest x1 

Mint few leafs 

Feeds 6


Place the salmon in a Dutch oven and heavily season both sides with salt. Leave to cure lightly for 1 hour.

Heat your Traeger Grill to 160∞C as per the instructions..

Scatter the herbs and lemon slices over the cured fish. Pour enough EVOO into the Dutch oven to cover at least three-quarters of the fish, then cover the fish, oil and herbs with a piece of baking paper, followed by the lid. Place on the Traeger and cook at a very low temperature 140c for 30 minutes or until the salmon is a bright orange colour and the flesh has firmed up.

Allow the salmon to cool in the infused oil, ideally overnight in the fridge, before removing from the oil and devouring.

Place your Traeger grill on the Roadie and add a little EVOO. Crack the eggs and cook to your desired cooking time. Place the salmon around and toast, finish with lemon zest and mint. 

Suggested Equipment: Large cast-iron Dutch oven, Traeger Grill using pellets.