Hung Pork with Lemon Leaves & Blistered Grapes



1 rack of pork chops, skin on (as many chops as you need to feed your gang – mine was 2 kg)
lemon leaves
lemon thyme sprigs
red grapes
Stoneleigh Wild Valley Pinot Noir
Goose fat
lemon thyme sprigs

Two S butchers hooks
Small frying pan
Large frying pan

Feeds 6


Light your fire and let it burn down until you obtain a medium heat. Truss the pork with garden wire, then stuff lemon leaves and thyme sprigs in and around the wire. Hang it over the fire from a camping tripod using two S butcher hooks – it should be about 30 cm above the coals. Let it cook for about 20 minutes 

2: Combine the grapes and a good splash of pinot noir in a small frying pan or similar dish. Place on the fire and let it bubble and blister away while the pork is roasting. 

3: After 20 minutes, rotate the pork. When it has an even white/pink tone it’s cooked (my 2 kg rack of pork took about an hour). Remove and rest for 10 minutes, then cut into individual pork chops. Place in a large frying pan, dollop on some goose fat and scatter salt and extra lemon thyme over the top. Return to the fire and give it about 1 minute on each side to get the goose fat into the pork and develop a nice caramelisation. Spoon the blistered grapes over the top and serve with the autumn-coloured mushrooms.

Drink of choice: Stoneleigh Wild Valley Pinot Noir.