Kingfish with Lemon Butter



olive oil 

1kg kingfish, gutted and scaled, skin and bones removed, cut into 4 fillets

100g butter 

1 tablespoon of capers 

finely grated zest and juice of 1 lemon


3 spring onions that have gone to flower (if you don't have these, just finely chop 1 spring onion)

Feeds 4


Light your fire and let it burn down until you obtain a medium heat. Place the frying pan on the fire and give it a good drizzle of olive oil. Add the kingfish fillets and cook for 4–5 minutes, depending on how thick they are. Flip the fillets over and add the butter, capers, lemon zest and season with a little salt, then cook for a further 4 minutes. Squeeze the lemon juice over the top, sprinkle with the spring onion flowers and cook for a further 1 minute, allowing the lemon to infuse and the sauce to thicken slightly.

 Serve straight out of the frying pan.

 Drink of choice: Stoneleigh Classic Sauvignon Blanc.