Lamb Chops with Creamy Potatoes



2 tablespoons olive oil
40 g butter
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
500 g potatoes, par-cooked (just pre-cook them a little before you head out on your adventure), chopped
300 g shiitake mushrooms
1/2 cup pouring cream
6 lamb chops
6 silverbeet leaves
olive oil

Feeds 2


Heat your barbecue of choice until it’s nice and hot. I’ve gone for a gas barbecue, but charcoal or even an open fire would also be great. Place a medium frying pan on the barbecue and allow it to heat up. Add the olive oil, butter, garlic and potatoes and cook until the potatoes are crisp and golden, about 10 minutes.

Place the mushrooms on the grill and let them smoke a little and get some flavour, then add them to your potatoes to finish cooking. Stir in the cream and season to taste with salt.

Add the lamb chops to the barbecue and cook to your liking (I like them medium−rare, which will take about 3 minutes, turning once). I'm a big fan of just putting everything on one plate and digging in, so I usually add the lamb to the frying pan of potatoes and let it rest there while I cook the silverbeet leaves.

If you have ever experienced overcooked silverbeet leaves you’ll know that it’s just nasty. But did you know you can make it all crispy and delicious? Just lightly rub the leaves in olive oil and salt, add it to the barbecue and let it char a little and crisp up. Scatter it over your dish and 1, 2, 3 bog in.