Snapper by the Golden Gate Bridge


On this beautiful afternoon in San Fran we had a little picnic under the iconic Golden Gate bridge! In our picnic basked was a delicious bottle of Jacobs Creek Double Barrel Shiraz which paired perfectly with the dish. The new range from Jacobs Creek is created in traditional wine barrels but finished off in aged whiskey barrels to build additional layers of complexity and an incredibly smooth finish. Cheers to that!



Cobram Estate EVOO

4 snapper fillets 

wakame salt

a few thyme sprigs

a few kifler potatoes, pre-cooked and sliced


baby heirloom tomatoes

young basil leaves

seeded and chopped red chilli

marigold flowers

bronze fennel 


lime juice

Feeds 4


Heat your charcoal barbecue for at least 15–30 minutes before you start to cook. You want the grill to be sizzling hot.

Place a cast-iron frying pan on the grill and add a splash of EVOO. Put the snapper fillets in the pan and season with wakame salt and thyme, then add the potato slices. Cook for 5–8 minutes or until the snapper starts to take on a gold colour and the flesh turns white, then turn the fillets and potato slices over and cook for another 4 minutes. Remove and take to the picnic table.

Scatter over the tomatoes, basil, chilli, flowers and fennel, and season with salt and lime juice. To top things off, serve with a cheese plate and some delicious wine.

In partnership with Jacob’s Creek.

Photos by Luisa Brimble.