Surf Rider Fig and Honey Toast



1 loaf crusty bread 

Cobram Estate EVOO 


3 tablespoons sesame seeds (preferably a mix of black and white)

3 tablespoons pepitas and sunflower seeds

1/2 cup honey


250 g fresh ricotta 

3 tablespoons fig jam 

6 fresh figs, sliced 

Feeds 4


Heat your Traeger Grill to 160∞C as per the instructions.

Cut the bread into thick slices and drizzle over a little EVOO. Place on the grill and let it toast and get some smoked goodness into it. Remove and set aside.

Meanwhile, put the seeds in a bowl, drizzle the honey over the top and mix them all together.

Scoop the ricotta onto a plate and arrange the jam and figs on and around it. Drizzle the honey seeds over the top and serve with the hot toast.