The Atlantic & Breakky Burgers


The Atlantic is officially our home away from home. We absolutely LOVE this place and can't get enough of it. Every corner of this place is aesthetically perfect. What we love about The Atlantic is the outdoor kitchen! There is something special about whipping up something to eat and enjoying it in the Byron sun by the pool. 



6 eggs

1/2 cup pesto,

such as green kale and avocado pesto

small handful of flat-leaf parsley leaves

olive oil

6 rashes bacon

1 loaf crusty sourdough, cut into 12 slices

6 slices cheddar

1/3 cup whole-egg mayonnaise

3 tomatoes, sliced

1 avocado, sliced

salt and freshly ground black pepper

Feeds 6


Heat your barbecue until it’s nice and hot. Place a large frying pan on the grill and allow it to heat up. Crack your eggs into the pan, add the pesto, parsley leaves and a good drizzle of olive oil and cook the eggs to your liking.

While the eggs are cooking away, add the bacon and sliced bread to the grill – you want it to get the bacon nice and crispy, and the bread lightly charred on one side. Flip the bread over so that it chars on the other side and add the cheese to six of the bread slices so it melts.

Once the bread is cooked smear it with mayonnaise and start to build your sandwiches. I would suggest this order: cheesy bread, bacon, pesto eggs, tomato, avocado, salt and pepper, and finally the plain charred bread. Enjoy this feast first thing in the morning with a good cup of Joe.