Fish on a Log - Urban Style


Carriageworks is awesome and I’m forever grateful that they gave me the chance to bring the taste of the bush to their urban community, that we could give them a taste of the possibility that you don’t have to go into the depths of the Oz bush to eat this kind of food.The kids and families couldn’t get enough.

At the end of the day there was way more log than fish, that’s for sure!  

Fish on a log was invented on Satellite Island. We were hungry (so hungry) and had to make a meal out of what we had at hand: a fish and a log. It’s been a favourite ever since. So, where does the fish come from? Way back when, I met John. This is the man / legend behind Mount Cook Salmon and Fishtails in Sydney … The Godfather of Sydney’s fisheries.

I met him working VIVID and haven’t let him far from the phone ever since. His sashimi-grade salmon is bred in the glacier waters off New Zealand’s coast – and I’m more than familiar with it!  We’ve done work with the must-eat butter Pepe Saya and now the Carriageworks family.